babygirl turns 20 in quarantine!

babygirl turns 20 in quarantine!

Hi friends!

Today on week 9 of quarantine, we’re celebrating Babygirl’s 20th birthday and sadly no, not like this! The whole family was together last year, as you can see on this beautiful day by the Chicago River, but this year we will have to sing Happy Birthday to Daniela on Zoom since Michael, Natalie and boyfriend Zack live in Los Angeles!

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I look at Daniela’s sweet smile in baby pictures like this one and it just seems crazy that time has flown by so quickly.

2A. bob_sirott_daniela_spaghetti

Sharing spaghetti with dad…

3. daniela_sirott_bob_kindergarten_2005

And wasn’t it just yesterday that she was wrapped around Bob’s leg clinging to life on the first day of kindergarten?

4. basketball_new_trier_girls_varsity_senior_night_seniors_daniela_sirott_nicole_kaspi_cate_maggie_murdock_teri_rodgers_nora_jacqueline_vinson_gaby_malnati

High school LITERALLY flew by… and we are both so happy that we rarely missed any of her tennis matches or basketball games.

5. daniela_sirott_2017_canada

Because in the blink of an eye she sprouted!

6. marianne_murciano_daniela_sirott_mariana_larrazaal

Graduated from high school (with grandma and me by her side).

7. marianne_murciano_daniela_sirott_komucha_la_july_2018

And today we celebrate the end of the teens.

8. marianne_murciano_daniela_sirott

Babygirl is 20 and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. And we’re counting ourselves LUCKY. We are all healthy, we have each other. We actually not just love, but we like each other.

Also counting our blessings that she’s a sophomore in college and not missing out on graduation or a first job…. As we pray that this nightmare will be over sooner rather than later.


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