Hi there!  I’m Marianne.

I’ve spent most of my career as a broadcast journalist working in TV and on radio in Miami and Chicago.

After decades on the air reporting the news, I decided to focus on my other untapped passions.

I adore food and I love to cook. Let’s backtrack a minute. Born in Havana, I grew up eating delicious Cuban food and incorporated many of those flavors into dishes I made for my family. A few years ago, my food and travel blog called Suso’s Fork was born. My idea was to share my culture with others through great, healthy and simple recipes.

I named the blog after the pet Capuchin monkey my brothers and I grew up with in Miami. Long story, but Suso lived in a cage in our backyard and he ate nothing but the healthy foods we fed him, which were mainly fruits and veggies. He was super playful and represented to me the healthy lifestyle I tried to promote for my family. Plus, the logo of my little monkey was extremely cute!

Over the years, I learned a lot about cooking and wrote a popular food blog while traveling to cool places such as Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Italy, UK and all over the U.S.

My website grew from a hobby into a business when I began looking for savvier and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic to use in my kitchen. With my background being in journalism, I knew I had a lot to learn about becoming an entrepreneur. So I spent a year educating myself through courses, tutorials, seminars, books and podcasts. 

My first product was a reusable beeswax food wrap to replace the endless, not-so-eco-friendly plastic baggies we toss after just one use. From there, I expanded to include other earth-friendly products including canvas lunch sacks and my super popular glass spray bottles. I’m always searching for products that make environmental sense. This is why my brand is named Savvy Planet.

It’s also called Savvy Planet because I believe being savvy can be a way of life. Life is complicated. Who couldn’t use the best tips? I like to approach each day with just a little more knowledge than the last. 

Now, the journalism gig kicked in. I’ve spent my entire career interviewing top lifestyle experts on subjects including health, wealth, parenting, organizing, morning rituals, technology, beauty, exercise, nutrition and diet, gratitude, restarting your life, reinventing yourself, meditation, nurturing friendships and love relationships.

I’ve been collecting all this knowledge and test driving it in my own life. I embrace what works; toss what doesn’t; share what’s a game changer. I’m so excited to announce that this info and more will be in my first book, A Savvy Guide to Life, out in 2021. 

As for the rest, I live in Chicago with my husband, news co-anchor and now WGN radio morning personality, Bob Sirott. We’re now empty nesters with our youngest daughter in college and a son and a daughter living in Los Angeles. My favorite things in life are getting the whole family together anywhere, anytime and as often as possible, even if only on weekly Zoom calls. 

I also love good healthy food, taking pictures, working out, yoga and, oh yeah, I can play the accordion!

Again, welcome! I can’t wait to get even savvier with you. 




Write me and share your own savvy tip: hello@savvy-planet.com

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