beeswax debut!

beeswax debut!

In our search to help save our planet by ridding our kitchen of single-use plastic
items such as plastic wraps and baggies, Bob and I discovered a new product that we love so much we’re now making it available to you.

OK... so imagine a piece of organic cotton fabric, as in these three super cute
patterns in one package, and that the fabric is coated in natural beeswax. With
the warmth of your hands you’re able to mold it around anything.

Beeswax wrap mold

Here I am unwrapping an onion that’s been in the fridge for almost a week. I love
that the wraps become airtight and preserve my vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

They’re also good to stretch across and seal a bowl or a jar.

Beeswax Wrap Bowl

Anything that you now put in plastic wrap can be placed in these reusable
products that you can use about 150 times... or up to a year or more.

Each package contains three wraps-- small, medium and large.

They’re easy to wash and care for and if you follow the directions they’ll last a
long time.

Bob and I were first inspired to source the beeswax food wraps months ago and
when the shipment arrived at our house we personally inspected every package
before sending them to the warehouse, which is where they’re now ready to be shipped directly to you.

We hope you’ll try our wraps and that you’ll like them as much as we do!


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