girls trip to hilton head

girls trip to hilton head

Let’s get real here. Most of us have great childhood friends whom we love but we don’t get to spend enough time with because LIFE gets in the way.

By LIFE I mean:

  • Work
  • Husbands
  • Children
  • Geography

2. marianne_murciano_isabel_sanchez_nurita_gaston

Last month a few of us came together for a daughter’s wedding and decided to shed our fancy clothes afterwards and drive from Miami to Hilton Head, South Carolina, where one of the “girls” owns a home. Bob gave me his blessing. True love.

2.1 bench_hilton_head

And speaking about love, here’s the picture I sent Bob the minute I arrived. He’s been here before and this is his favorite bench to sit and watch a storm come in.

3. beach_hilton_head

In the thick of summer and after a cold Chicago winter waking up to the beach is pure medicine.

4. marianne_murciano_bathing_suit_hilton_head

Those are my shorts on my head. I ran on the beach every morning, shedding my clothes as the temperature rose. My new talent is balancing them on my head!

5. marianne_murciano_ani_fernandez_nurita_gaston_maria_foyo_isabel_maduro_sanchez_hilton_head

Leave it to the women in your life to remind you that time together is precious and we can’t just run on the beach or sit on our butts… there are places to go, people to see!

6. ani_fernandez_booze_hilton_head

So we bought groceries and stopped at the liquor store and made plans for the week. Here’s one of my friends pretending to be drinking out of an oil can. I think this is whiskey or something… Please note that this picture is meant to be a joke!

7. marianne_murciano_sunset_cruise

One really fun activity in Hilton Head is to take a sunset cruise.

8. sunset_cruise_hilton_head

It’s gorgeous. Everywhere you turn looks like a picture on a postcard.

9. marianne_murciano_maria_foyo_nurita_gaston

Is there ever really enough time to share moments like this with people you love?

10. marianne_murciano)hilton)head)cruise

Another day another boat ride. This time we went to beautiful Daufuskie Island, which is located between Hilton Head Island and Savannah. You can only get there by boat or ferry. 

11. daufuskie_island+bar

This tiny island is packed with environmental preserves and private communities, and some people come for the day and stay for happy hour.

12. daufuskie_island_beach

The beaches are gorgeous.

13. art_daufuskie_island

There’s very cool and unique art…

14. golf_cart_daufuskie_island

And people get around the island on golf carts. However, sometimes people like us get stuck in the unpaved roads and literally have to push the cart! This picture doesn’t even do justice to those few minutes when we got stuck in the sand. We were laughing so hard I almost forgot to shoot the selfie!

15. dolphin_daufuskie_island

We saw dolphins up close and personal. They’re everywhere here.

16. marianne_murciano_maria_foyo_nurita_gaston

And then we got back on the boat!

17. marianne_murciano_isabel_sanchez_nurita_gaston_ani_fernandez_maria_foyo_hilton_head

JK! We took the ferry back and called it a day.

18. marianne_murciano_nurita_gaston_isabel_sanchez_ani_fernandez_maria_foyo

It’s been years since we’ve had an adventure like this and we all agree not to wait so long to do it again. Back by popular demand, I’m ready for you, summer of 2020! 

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