it's been a strange summer

it's been a strange summer

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Hi there!

No matter what we do this summer there’s no getting away from the super sad state of our planet.

So much sickness and so many deaths from the coronavirus. 

The numbers are overwhelming and our situation is frustrating. There's a glimmer of hope with a couple of promising vaccine trials, but they still have major hurdles to overcome and nothing is certain.

Luckily Bob and I, seen here relaxing during a bike ride break, have been able to stay healthy. But nonetheless, things still feel hopeless in terms of getting a grip on the virus.

How do some people not get that social distancing and wearing a mask are some of the only tools we have right now to control the spread? 

Sitting by the lake on a breezy afternoon, I ponder questions like that. 


2. marianne_murciano_lake_michigan

True… I’m used to traveling, especially to Miami where most of my family lives and to Los Angeles where two of my children live. 

But staying put in my beloved Chicago (seen behind me in a haze) for the last few months has so far been a BLESSING for me!

At least that’s the way I'm choosing to look at it. 

For one thing, if it wasn’t for the pandemic I don’t think I would have been spending nearly every waking moment outdoors. 

I’m mentally preparing for being cooped up again and I’ve never enjoyed a Chicago summer more because basically I come inside only to sleep. 

I run or bike on our AMAZING trails every day unless it’s pouring… and we’ve been pretty lucky with that.

3. bob_sirott_helmets_bike_northwestern_marianne_murciano

My favorite trails take us to the waterfront. Here we are at Northwestern University spying on football practice!


Besides inspiring me to ride my bike, the pandemic has made me hyper focus on my new business, Savvy Planet.

Without the pressure of dozens of social activities which usually happen all summer long I’ve had lots of time on my hands to work on it.

Think about that: NO DISTRACTIONS! 

Reinventing myself as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce world after a long broadcasting career requires concentration and commitment.

4. marianne_murciano_boulder_northwestern_university_rock_lake_michigan

Each day I wake up PSYCHED to work on my brand, learn new lessons, solve problems, and figure out how to grow a business from scratch!

I’m GRATEFUL for this time.

5. marianne_murciano_beeswax_wrap_diane's_house

Savvy Planet started one year ago with these super cute beeswax wraps which are available on Amazon along with all our products. They replace those single-use plastic wraps and make me feel a little more eco-friendly. 

6. canvas_bag_savvy_planet

Then came the canvas lunch sacks. These bags ironically look like brown paper bags and are great for carrying your lunch or anything else, and they’re reusable. They also come in gorgeous colors!

7. savvy_planet_spray_bottles_colors_bright

My favorite of all our items might be these Savvy Planet spray bottles.

We sell them in sets of two and I love all the bright color combos. 

People use them for misting plants, animals and to make essential oil concoctions or disinfectants.  

8. silicone_sleeves_savvy_planet

Some people already have reusable glass bottles, so they buy our silicone sleeves, which keep the bottles from breaking and help identify what liquid you’re using in different bottles.

9. savvy_planet_pumps

The newest items in our collection are these soap dispensers. You can also fill them with hand lotion.

Fingers crossed that our customers love these as much as they love the spray bottles, which have been selling like hotcakes!

Savvy Planet is in its infancy.

In the next few months we’ll testing the market by introducing new products. 

So far this new adventure has been nothing but fun EVEN during the summer of COVID-19.

I hope your summer has been good and that you’re staying healthy and safe.

In other news, Suso’s Fork and Savvy Planet will soon be merging. More info coming soon.

For now, sign up for the new web site which is our store and will soon include a bunch of surprises!

I leave you with this recipe for making your own homemade disinfectant, formulated by the World Health Organization.



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