our first zoom wedding

our first zoom wedding

Hey there… what did you do this weekend?

As you can see, we enjoyed a toast as we got ready for our very first Zoom wedding!

Our great nephew Zach and Kaleigh were supposed to get married in May. But then came the coronavirus along with social distancing, mask wearing and keeping group gatherings down to a minimum.

Like Zach and Kaleigh, so many couples have had to postpone their big day. They rescheduled for July, but things got even worse. 

It was a moral dilemma and the couple asked their prospective guests how they felt about attending. 

It wasn’t long before they knew exactly what to do.  

No way were they going to create any risks for their guests. 

2. computer_screen_zoom_wedding_zach_kaleigh

This was our view from home. On a laptop.

The ceremony was attended by 10 people in person.

Zach and Kaleigh got married responsibly.

It was the KIND way to do it.

Honestly, I was sobbing the whole time. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I haven’t attended, except digitally!

3. zach_kaleigh_rubin_wedding

When I saw this frame… as they exploded with happiness, relief, and so much love… I completely understood.

4. kaleigh_zach_wedding

Here’s a look from inside.

5. zach_kaleigh_mack_dog_wedding

The 11th guest was their dog Mack.

6. zach_kaleigh_wedding_martha_chloe

These decisions on how to handle important life milestones can’t be easy to make right now.

Zach’s mom and sister did not travel for the wedding. These cutouts were the next best thing.

It had to be a heartbreak.

But this is not the end of the story. It’s the beginning of their lives and I know there will be much more celebrating to come when the time is right.

Right now there’s nothing but pure love for this beautiful couple in this bizarre summer of COVID-19.

Stay healthy and safe.

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