savvy talks: savvy business with marianne

savvy talks: savvy business with marianne

 Marianne and Bob chat about what's new in their lives and what's to come!



Originally aired on 8/28/20 for WGN Radio 720.

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pamela skiba on

hi…thank you so much for all you do! I think this new site will be awesome!!! I got panicky when I could not access susso’s fork relieved to see you have brought them over to your new page..I had a susso’ fork recipe file..Boom…all the recipe’s were gone!!! .Excited you are writing a book..can’t wait to buy your book.

Camille Cimprich on

I love this picture on the beach. Bob looks rested and Marianne is ready to get down to business. Looking forward to the new format. Congratulations Marianne

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