we are puzzled

we are puzzled

We have not run out of things to do at home yet while being held captive as the coronavirus social distancing guidelines remain in effect!

Check out our new jigsaw puzzle.

Big family challenge… especially for Bob. Puzzles make his head explode. But he's being such a good sport!

It was NOT easy to find one online decently priced, as there has been a run on puzzles lately. We got this one for about $20 a couple of weeks ago and now that price is unheard of!

I love the challenge of puzzles and that you can walk away from it at any point and then return and see things you hadn't seen before. Is that normal or is that just me?

Anyway, there are so many benefits to puzzles, especially slowing the decline of memory. Solving puzzles helps our brains engage in a stimulating cognitive activity. So the more you work different parts of your brain, the easier it becomes to grow new neural connections, keeping your brain sharp.

The Mayo Clinic includes puzzle solving as one of the important ways to keep your brain healthy. 

My favorite thing about having a puzzle going in the house, pandemic or not, is that it becomes a family activity. It's hard for any of us to walk by the puzzle and not try to put in just one more piece!

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