celebrating mom on mother's day

celebrating mom on mother's day


Can we put aside the BUMMER of entering week 8 of quarantine for a moment?

We’re heading into Mother’s Day and I want you to meet my mom.

Mariana Larrazabal. She lives in Miami and she is AWESOME!

Above is a recent picture… but I haven’t seen her in person in the last couple of months except on Facetime or Zoom. We talk on the phone almost every day.

2. mariana_marianne_murciano

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this picture of my mom and me. It was one of our first Mother’s Days in the U.S. after leaving Havana, Cuba and my mom had just learned to sew and made us these twin dresses! We wore them to church that Sunday and although I don’t have a picture, I remember we both carried a red rose symbolizing that both our mothers were still alive. She said a white rose meant your mother had passed away… and I was overjoyed to be able to walk into that church holding a red one in my hands that day.

I’m gonna say right now that it hasn’t been easy, knowing I can’t just hop on a flight as I usually do and go see her.

But I know I’m not alone here. You too have been separated from loved ones and frankly, this is all getting old.  

My mom and I are both SUPER SOCIAL people. That is… we take our energy from being around people. This is why quarantine and social distancing is SO PAINFUL.

How long before we all feel safe enough to go back to how things were? It’s anyone’s guess.

The absolute WORST would be to get sick.

But second worst HAS to be feeling alone and isolated.

I hope you’re taking the time to check on not just those you love, but others who might be lonely.  Pick up the phone, initiate a video call.

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