Goodbye Forever, 2020!

Goodbye Forever, 2020!

Hi there!

We’re getting ready to wrap up 2020 and not a moment too soon!

It’s been so tough for so many people and we remain forever grateful for our health, our loved ones and friends like you.

In spite of COVID, we want to take a moment to focus on the good things that came this year.

We got to spend way more time than usual with our loved ones. 

We reconnected with people we hadn’t been in touch with in a long time.

We focused on our health. 

We cooked a lot! 

We played cards and board games and did jigsaw puzzles. 

Thank goodness for all the streaming services – we caught up on just about every show and movie we had been meaning to watch.

We had regular Zoom calls with friends we used to occasionally connect with. 

We saved money by canceling vacations and paid off a few credit card bills. 

We read more books and listened  to more music than ever before. 

I took up a new sport – bike riding -- which unbelievably I’m still doing as of this date. (I know I’ll have to stop when the trails get icy!) 

We grew and grew our new business, Savvy Planet, and added more eco-friendly products and a lot of fun swag! 

We created recipes that we hope will help get you through the winter!

For all of this we are so grateful.

The arrival of the vaccines has made us hopeful that by this time next year we’ll be celebrating a return to life as we knew it and will not take things for granted.

Wishing nothing but good health and happiness to you and yours!


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Jarnecke Lorraine on

The same to you and your family Happy New Year 2021🎊🎊🎈🎈

Carol Berkson on

Do you have a recipe for Elote? I recently had the pleasure to sample this delicious dish from Sunset Foods outstanding. Would love to have a recipe with corn on cob and without doing corn on cob. Please help I make your corn casserole all the time. Thanks for your help. Carol B

Terri Lorenz on

Bob and Marianne ! You two are, as always, a ray of positivity! Since we met you’ve been a force of optimism and I’m so grateful for your friendship!

Karon on

Thank you guys, may this be a blessing, healthy kind of year fir you n family. God bless karon

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