how our corn casserole recipe created a business!

how our corn casserole recipe created a business!

Back in the day, circa 2015, my husband Chicago personality Bob Sirott and I were hosting an afternoon radio show on the popular talk show station 720AM WGN radio. The subject of this dish came up.

I had made this corn casserole for Bob’s family during Thanksgiving and it flew off the table! Everyone wanted more and they wanted to know how to recreate it. The following year and every year after that I would get a request to make at least 2 casseroles for the party.

Meantime one day on our talk show, before the Thanksgiving holiday week, we began discussing this corn casserole recipe and I kid you not we almost broke the internet! Well it was actually the WGN radio phone and text lines at the station. Everyone wanted to see the recipe and to weigh in about their own corn casseroles. After all, this IS the corn loving midwest- LOL!

Then after Thanksgiving it seemed people were also interested in other recipes. How was I going to prepare a Christmas Eve dinner, they asked.  What else could I share? This is how it came to be that we decided to start a food blog. We called it Suso’s Fork.

We photographed and videotaped recipes, of course, starting with the now very famous corn casserole. 

We grew and grew until we decided to expand and become a full-fledged legit website where we offer recipes, savvy lifestyle tips, updates on our lives, and we even have a store with some very awesome eco-friendly products!

We hope you’ll continue to follow us on our journey and spread the word to your friends and family about our new home at

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Rick on

Listening to Bob this morning (7Dec20) give a nod to history, 41’ Pearl Harbor WW II & John Lennon 80’. Thinking of your corn recipe, radio why Bob could be called “The King of Corn”. But that moniker was also Don McNeill’s of “The Breakfast Club” check out the wiki-page where you can scroll down and listen to 81 years ago broadcast <>

Mary Ann Hall on

This year, the Corn Loving Midwest (Chicago) greets the Southwestern (Texas) part of our beautiful country. I’m making Marianne’s fabulous Golden Corn Casserole. Thank you.

Bryan Bialecki on

Outstanding!!! You always share great useful information..

Jim on


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