savvy talks: the ultimate thanksgiving guide

savvy talks: the ultimate thanksgiving guide

Marianne shares some tips to make your Thanksgiving meal prep easy as pie!

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Originally aired on 11/12/21 for WGN Radio 720.

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Andi Parks on

I tried your fabulous corn casserole and brought it to a neighbor’s
“Thanksgiving Practice Party” last week.
All of the neighbors were supposed to bring a recipe they wanted to try out before Thanksgiving. THe corn casserole was a popular item on the buffet table!

A question for Marianne: The biggest challenge is to keep the turkey, stuffing
and potatoes HOT when serving. It seems that by the time I can get everying
on the table, it’s already cold! How can I keep everything HOT? Should make
the turkey earlier in the day, carve it, and put in fridge, and then reheat just
before serving? Do you think it would get too dried out this way?

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