basic tuna salad

basic tuna salad

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Why focus on only new recipes when you can PERFECT one of the most basic, simplest and most satisfying dishes… TUNA SALAD?! 

I don’t know if it’s the salad itself or the sides of avocado and parmesan crisps… but this is my new favorite for the last few weeks.

10. tuna_celery_onion

And your pantry is probably stocked with cans of tuna fish right now, isn’t it?

Simply combine the tuna with celery, shallots

11. mustard_tuna_salad

Add some Dijon mustard

12. organic_mayonaise_tuna

Scallions, lemon juice, organic mayo

13. close-up_tuna_salad _fork

And combine it all.

14. tuna_salad_avocado_parmesan_crisps

There are so many options for creating your own concoction here. While I’m a purist and love to eat the tuna salad with not too much on the side to distract, it’s equally delicious on toasted bread, crackers and even making a tuna melt!


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Jane Ryan on

Love your site! Thanks for providing it! Liked all the additional items you suggested one could add or other variations on the tuna receipe.

mark on

I tried the oven roasted asparagus and it was perfect.
BTW Is that you Marianne in the Nordstroms commercial?

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