cheesy cauliflower rice bowl

cheesy cauliflower rice bowl

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Behold! This is not your ordinary cauliflower rice. The kind you’re eating because, well, it’s better for you than rice. Or so you’ve heard? 

Read on… cauliflower skeptics!

2. cauliflower_rice_thumb

This here is a meal all in itself.

It has gotten an aggressive treatment of YUMMINESS and you will crave it for what it is… not for what you think it’s pretending to be!

You might be saying right now… nah… I REALLY just don’t like riced cauliflower.

I respect that because cauliflower can be… well, boring sometimes. 

But really, that’s because you haven’t had this cauliflower dish yet!

3. red_onions_sauteeing

Let’s dig into the deets. For starters this dish is fast and simple. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

That might also be how fast your mind can be changed.

Plus isn’t it true that just about anything tastes better when it’s cooked with sweet sautéed red onions?

4. cauliflower_rice_cooking_red_onions

Did I mention FAST and SIMPLE?

It’s seriously a matter of tossing the fresh or frozen cauliflower rice on the skillet with the onions that are already sizzling in coconut oil.

5. cauliflower_red_onion_mixture

Mixing it up.

6. cauliflower_rice_parmesan_cheese

Adding your favorite version of Parmesan or Romano cheese. The fresher the better!


7. parsley_cauliflower_rice

And throwing in what might just be my personal favorite ingredient here: FRESH CRUNCHY PARSLEY. 

Be sure to add it at the tail end when the dish is almost done and it won’t wilt.

8. bowl_cauliflower_rice_parmesan

What you’re left with is a bowl of PERFECTION. Equal parts pretty, delicious and healthy! 

1. marianne_murciano_cauliflower_riceAnd that’s all!

Can you add anything else? OF COURSE! Can you eat the whole thing by yourself?

Of course you can. But it's best when shared. 




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Julie on

Absolutely delicious. I made 1/2 recipe and ate it all. So good,

Marcy Manning on

Can’t wait to try this recipe..Cauliflower rice is so …well boring and just so so.

Neil Kaplan on

On my way to Himalaya for the salt..😁

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