chicken thighs with peanut garlic dipping sauce

chicken thighs with peanut garlic dipping sauce

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Not gonna lie. Things in the kitchen are always easier and quicker when the Grill Master helps out. This is exactly what Bob has become in our family. In other words, he Googles and then follows directions to a T! 

1. bob_sirott_grilled_chiecken_thighs
But we’re here to talk about something magical.

Peanut Garlic Dipping Sauce is here… just in time before summer ends. Although truth be told, grilling season seems to be part of our year-long agenda no matter what the weather. 

2. peanut_dipping_sauce_vitamix

There’s so much to love about a sauce that take only 5-10 minutes to prepare in your Vitamix or any decent blender!

And let’s not forget this is another one of those sauces that goes with just about anything including salads, avocados, any protein, or eggs. Yes, I said eggs. I’m weird that way. I have also been known to pull out a spoon and take a few taste tests. That, my friends, is how delicious this sauce is.

Do you like it hot? Like it not so hot? Adjust the recipe- that’s all. No hard rules.

3. chicken_skewers_peanut_dipping_sauce

And part of the finger-licking exquisiteness comes from marinating the chicken thighs for a couple of hours.

Did you notice I said chicken thighs and not breasts? That’s my biggest chicken secret of all. Get used to the taste of the tender thighs and you’ll never go back!

4. raw_chicken_thighs_on_grill

All you need to do is throw these babies on the grill.

5. chicken_grill__peanut_sauce

Turn them over once and you’re ready for your delicacy. 

6. peanut_garlic_sauce_chicken_thighs

Lay them next to your sauce and make every drippy bite count!

7. _peanut_garlic_drippy_sauce

I kid you not, this sauce delivers!


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