fiesta chili (for a party!)

fiesta chili (for a party!)

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Our Halloween party tradition started years ago when our house was the place where everyone in the neighborhood ended up after trick-or-treating. The kids spread out on the floor to count their candy, while the adults ate chili and drank wine and beer. Our kids are grown up now and make their own plans, but we still have the party and all the parents show up. No matter how much I make I never end up with leftovers. This is why our chili party happens several times a year now, not just on Halloween.

Through the years I experimented, using parts of different chili recipes adding my own favorite ingredients, changing quantities, etc., until one night when my guests said, “You can stop now. This is the best one yet-- write this down!” So no more changes. This is my favorite chili for a party... any time of year.


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Vince Conroy on

Sounds Great‼️

Judy Grimm on

This is nuts! How about the recipe for 6 or 8? It really sounds good!

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