creamy lemon butter sauce for fish

creamy lemon butter sauce for fish

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Nothing like a creamy lemon butter sauce for your favorite fish filets!

It’s SO EASY and delightfully rich, but not toooooo rich.

5. fish_sauce_sherry

Start by creating the base of the sauce with this shallot and white wine reduction. 

6. butter_sauce_cooking

Add the scrumptious pieces of butter you’ve set aside. I prefer grass-fed organic butter.

7. heavy_cream_lemon_butter_sauce

Whisk in some heavy cream.


Because EVERYTHING is better with heavy cream!

8. lemon_butter_cream_sauce_fish

And the final touches are lemon zest and lemon juice.

Taste to determine how much salt to add… but honestly, don’t grab a large spoon. 

You will be tempted to finish off the sauce before it gets to your fish!

9. fish_dish

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do.

Let me know if you make it!


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Connie on

Can this sauce be made without the shallot. Thank you Connie Christie

Paula on

Super yum! I think my tree lemons are a bit to much juice for it! Sauce was runny but still delish!

sylvia on

What I love about your recipes are they are simple with not a lot of ingredients but the ingredients you have are wonderful. Thanks and I can hardly wait to make the pea soup.

Louann White on

Can I substitute chicken broth for the wine?

Carole Krodel on

Gonna try it tonite , just what I was looking for

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