crème de vie

crème de vie

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My mom is known for whipping up a tasty beverage called crème de vie, literally French for “cream of life.” Make what you will of the name, but once you taste it you’ll understand.

This delicious holiday cocktail reminds me of my mom since she makes it every year and because I actually don't know anyone with more of a zest for life than my mother. So the drink perfectly matches her personality!


You definitely don't need many ingredients. Some room temperature yolks.

A can of what could be my favorite food on the planet- sweetened condensed milk. Leche condensada is how I always heard it from my Cuban relatives.

making creme de vie

Mixing it with the simple syrup. (Recipe included below.)

A little of the highest quality vanilla you can find. 

You need to run it through a strainer several times to make sure you get the smoothest drink possible.

I like to pour the finished product into a container and keep it in the fridge.

You've got to shake it up before pouring it in a glass.

And speaking of glasses, be sure to use cute, rather small ones. I love pouring crème de vie into my delicate antique glasses!



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Cheryl Terdina on

This looks so tasty! Any idea about calories? Also, is there a substitute for the Spanish cidre? Maybe a hard apple cider? I was hoping to find something that would work at Binny’s.

Marianne on

Joseph, it’s called Spanish sidra, and it’s usually available in grocery stores or liquor stores. It’s inexpensive too. I found this link that lists a bunch of different brands but any brand will do.

Joseph Koss on

Can you please prove the brand name of Spanish sidra.? No one at the local Publix store knows what it is.

Joanie on

Hi Marianne! This sounds so familiar, I think my mother made this too but served it warm.(?) I’m a little Leary about the raw eggs. Any idea what to use instead? Thanks for the idea!

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