crispy brussels sprouts with garlic, pepper & pecorino

crispy brussels sprouts with garlic, pepper & pecorino

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There’s a Brussels sprouts dish of epic proportions happening in my life right now.

Epic because I kid you not, I make it at least twice a week and everyone I cook for loves it… although they will probably soon start to get pretty tired of it!

Really, twice a week.

2. gold_fork_brussels_sprout

But how can you pass up a golden piece of roasted heaven?

This creation involves a combo of ingredients that will explode with zest in your mouth. 

You get the satisfying and comforting taste of this fall/winter veggie plus an extra pop of flavor. You’re going to keep eating until every last one is gone! This is a promise.

3. brussels_sprouts_bag

And can you spell E-A-S-Y?

Only 6 ingredients if you include salt and pepper on that list.

It starts with a bag of organic Brussels sprouts like these.

4. melted_butter_brussels_sprouts

Some melted butter.

I prefer to use the healthier version, grass-fed ghee.

5. all_clad_brussels_sprouts

And beautiful fresh Brussels sprouts inside a heavy roasting pan. 

The All-Clad roasting pan is my favorite. I’ve had it for more than fifteen years and I use it all the time.

6. sliced_brussels_sprouts

The only real work involved is in slicing these babies!

7. brussels_sprouts_melted_butter_pour

Pour the butter or ghee over the Brussels sprouts.

8. _green_pastry_brush_brussels_sprouts

Use a pastry brush to be sure all the veggies are covered.

9. himalayan_pink_salt__brussels_sprouts

A sprinkle of my favorite pink Himalayan salt

I use this so much I buy it in bulk- a 5-pound bag.  

10. fresh_ground_pepper_brussels_sprouts

And I might be addicted to Tellicherry whole peppercorns. Taste them and you’ll see why. But any fresh ground pepper will do here.

Just make sure you use ENOUGH!

11. garkuc_minced_brussels_sprouts

When I say a recipe calls for minced garlic… here’s what a mean. Mince your garlic!

12. close_up_minced_garlic

People… I know there are zillions of garlic presses out there. But unless it breaks down I will never get rid of this one that I’ve had for most of my adult life. As you can see it’s a little battered… but it’s both a mincer and a slicer and it’s THE BOMB!

13. pecorino_romano_sheep_cheese

The last ingredient is fresh Pecorino Romano cheese. Make sure it’s made with 100% sheep milk, as that is the tastiest!

14. brussels_sprouts_oven_ready

Once everything is mixed it goes in the oven.

15. brussels_sprouts_cooked

Get ready for your pan full of crunchy, crispy, salt-pepper-garlicky-cheesy scrumptiousness!

16. brussels_sprouts_cooked

The best part is that crunchy burned cheese on the bottom!

Your bowl of Brussels sprouts can be a meal or a side dish.


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