fall smash cocktail

fall smash cocktail

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It’s the perfect time of year for this cocktail!

Fall has arrived and I’m going to say this year in particular we deserve and need a treat.

Of course, there’s a pandemic and we’re not going out to bars and restaurants or throwing parties, but I have to share with you this oldie but goodie from a few years back when Bob and I went to the popular Chicago Latin food restaurant, Carnivale.

Carnivale was offering a holiday cocktails class to demonstrate how to make a few cocktails and Bob and I signed up right away. 

In addition to all the drinks we made and tasted, and the delicious appetizers that went along with them, we heard some of the best tips for hosting a party. Not that we’re having parties these days… but we can dream! 

Anyway, keep these tips in your back pocket for when it’s safe to gather again.

  • Instead of hiring a bartender and spending money on expensive liquor and mixers, offer your guests the “drink of the night.”
  • After everyone arrives, let your guests know they are going to be their own bartenders and have fun making their own drinks. Begin a mini lesson. 
  • Demonstrate exactly how to make your chosen drink and leave the necessary ingredients and utensils out on a table along with instructions. (As the night goes by your guests’ memories might be slightly impeded so keep it simple!) 

Make sure to provide enough food, don’t run out of booze and don’t let people get wasted!


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Evelyn on

Heard Bob mention your website on one of his recent programs. Looked at your recipes and am anxious to try one or several. Also the best thing on WGN is Bob in the morning. Best regards.

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