garlic chicken with chili crisp

garlic chicken with chili crisp

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I’m either SUPER late to the party, or I’ve been eating this all my life and never knew it had a name! Have I told you about my new love affair with CHILI CRISP???

It’s a not too spicy condiment made with crispy garlic, onions, chillies and roasted soy nuts. 

You can put it on just about any dish, sandwiches, (where have you been all my life?) and some people have been known to throw a bit of it on ice cream, although I don’t think I’m one of those people!

Seriously, I read about it and immediately purchased a couple of jars online… the ones that looked healthiest. One by Fly By Jing and the other by Mr Bing

Then I began looking for all the uses and found a few ideas.

For this recipe I’m using this one.

Part of the secret here is marinating the chicken in salt and baking soda.

The combo of onions, ginger and garlic never gets old. I like to place them in a food processor so they’re evenly finely chopped.

While things marinate, the 4 ingredient sauce can be made. You only need mayonnaise, tamari or soy sauce, sriracha sauce and of course the magic chili crisp.

You’ll be tempted to taste and taste some more…. But leave enough to coat the chicken!

The sauce is thick enough that it sticks to the chicken perfectly.

I love to keep my carbs intake low whenever possible, so I usually eat this chicken with cauliflower rice.  But I serve it with regular white rice when cooking for others.


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Nancy on

This was delicious! I added broccoli florets for 2 min when the chicken was done cooking. Then after adding the sauce I tossed in fresh pineapple and some cashews (personal preference!) it was so good I ate it before my rice was done!

dennis a palkovich on

When do you add the cilantro?

Jose on

Sounds delicious , looking forward to making it – And I didn’t know of Chile crisp , :) thanks !

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