healthy spring salad

healthy spring salad

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Spring is really here when a variety of fresh organic vegetables arrive at the produce department of my favorite grocery store or at the farmer's market. I usually pick the ingredients of my salad based on what's available, what's in season and what looks good. Can you tell I love bright colors?

Some of the best tomatoes right now are the organic heirlooms that come in a variety of colors and give off an explosion of deliciousness with each bite!

A good mix of leaves is essential. In this case I used an organic spring mix blend that includes baby spinach and arugula. It really becomes a meal when you add a surprise twist with some blanched asparagus and sprinkle pomegranate seeds.... so yummy! 

You can slice the red onions thinly so they're barely noticeable, but because they're organic they carry a sharp taste. Plus they always blend in well with a few sprigs of cilantro.


When you've got a bowl filled with so many flavors, the only salad dressing that makes sense is a light mixture of oil, fresh squeezed lemons and salt. You can chop up any of your favorite herbs for a little extra kick.

I could eat salads like this one all day long. There are no rules here, just add what you love!





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Jeannie on

Thank you for sharing this beautiful salad I’m going to make it today!

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