hearty homemade chicken soup

hearty homemade chicken soup

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Chicken soup from scratch is the perfect comfort food as well as the ideal remedy to help with symptoms of the common cold.

chicken raw

It’s an American classic and a Cuban classic! If you know me, you know I grew up on Cuban food. What's the difference? Perhaps the amount of garlic used in the soup.


But that's just one of the soothing ingredients that go into this delicious concoction.

soup ingredients

There's just something about smelling this pot of soup cooking and filling the house with the aroma of comfort.

hearty chicken soup

If you're craving comfort and want something healthy and satisfying, there's nothing better!


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Jahna Lee on

Thanks for this fresh take on a classic! It was delicious!

Mary Fischer on

Great recipe!! Love the “healthy” thickness of this delicious soup recipe!! Thank you for sharing it!!

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