loaded cream of cauliflower soup

loaded cream of cauliflower soup

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I must admit I’m sick of soup weather in Chicago… but not of this luscious and mouth-watering comfort food delight!

Seriously, even right now just thinking about this creamy cauliflower soup is making me hungry all over again!

2a. bacon_chopped_paper_towel

Nothing good doesn’t start with bacon! 

Of course you’ll have to set it aside immediately after it’s done, cover it and keep it away from people like ME.

3. cauliflower_saute

The soup is SO easy to make.

In a large pot, (it doesn’t have to be a fancy one like this) saute onions, shallots, celery and then add the cauliflower florets.

4. vitamix_cauliflower_soup

Put everything in a Vitamix or any other high powered blender that will turn it into a smooth puree.

5. sharp_cheddar_mexican_chihuahua_cheese_cauliflower_soup

Add sharp cheddar and Mexican cheese to the pot.

6. whipping_heavy_cream_cauliflower soup

And then it’s time for the elixir of life– heavy cream!

7. cauliflower_soup_bacon_sour_cream_creme_fraiche

But that’s not all. Top the whole thing with scallions, the highest quality bacon you can find, and sour cream… or if you’re like me, you might prefer the sinfully tasty creme fraiche.

This soup also freezes really well, in case you want to reward yourself with a little future surprise!




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