mushroom cognac sauce

mushroom cognac sauce

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I always have that inner struggle. Do I pour ANY sauce over my flavorful bone-in ribeye or do I just enjoy every bite of steak for exactly what it was meant to be- steak?

When I discovered cognac sauce (WHERE have you been all my life?), I realized these flavors only enhance the meat.  Plus the sauce can always be served on the side!

It’s so easy to make!

Start off by sauteing the shallots and garlic in butter in a cast iron pan. I use my cast iron skillet so much I think it’s preseasoned with these flavors already!  Sometimes if I can’t find shallots at the store I’ll substitute with red onion.

I guess you can say the most fun part of this recipe is flaming the cognac sauce. 

It’s called flambeing and the pan is hot so the alcohol evaporates quickly. You’ll see the flame go out quickly.

By the time you add the cream and the mushroom you’re almost ready to serve… now it’s just a matter of letting your whole concoction simmer.

Some recipes call for adding a little bit of flour to thicken the sauce. I go for the low carb version here. But feel free to add if you want a creamier version.


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Mary Lynn Pelzer on

Marianne, this looks absolutely delicious!

Betty H on

Definitely the mushrooms should be sautéed first!
Looking forward to using this on our next grilled ribeyes.

James Krick on

Savor the flavor over it all.

Marty Lippeth on

I sauté the mushrooms with the shallots so they release their water and then when you add the liquor it’s not diluted.

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