pumpkin pecan surprise bars

pumpkin pecan surprise bars

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When the holiday season arrives I know I’ll face the dreaded slice of pumpkin pie that will be offered everywhere I go. “No, thanks,” I’ll say. People will think I'm just trying to be "good," but truth be told I don't usually like pumpkin pie. But I do love pecan pie! So... the day I tasted a "pumpkin pecan surprise" my kids made for me, everything changed.

These pumpkin pecan treats are now a staple on our holiday table, and if the event is a potluck we always bring them.

Can you tell how moist they are?

They’re perfect throughout the entire holiday season beginning in the fall and all the way through winter, and they’re way better than pumpkin pie!


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Pat on

If you like Pumpkin you should try ‘Pumpkin Pie Pecans’ from Brothersnuts.com.
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Keto-Friendly, Kosher, and manufactured in a USDA certified organic facility that is peanut free.

Maryann S on

Sounded different and delicious. I have a lot of pecans I got on sale, so made it. Not effortless. Pumpkin butter hard to find and expensive. I made my own which took about 1 hour. Now pull out the food processor to grind up the pecans. Several bowls are needed too. Ingredients list shows 4 eggs, beaten. Only 3 are used, then after you beat them, second step calls for one egg ! ! Most confusing was step 3: “Pour it over the cake mix”. You still have 1 cup of cake mix but that is used in Step 4. I almost poured it over the last 1 cup of cake mix. I finally figured out you pour it over the CRUST you just pressed into the pan using part of the cake mix. I think you need to make a change/correction. It was good, but I will never make it again.

Elizabeth Bellamy on

What do you do with the 4 egg? The recipe calls for 4 but the directions only use 3. Just a little confused. Sounds delicious and will make for our fall pumpkin patch bake sale. Thank you for all your recipes.

Patricia M Bozzi on

Sounds delish!! Going to have to try ☺

Mary Lynn Pelzer on

These pumpkin bars look delicious l, can’t wait to make them!!

Judy Nix on

I love most anything pumpkin flavored. Where do you get pumpkin butter??

Mariana Larrazabal on

This recibe looks awesome. Love pumpkin, one of the reason why Fall ios my favorite season. Thenk you, I’ll try it this week.

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