vegetarian chili for a crowd

vegetarian chili for a crowd

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If your picture of fall doesn’t include a bowl of VEGETARIAN CHILI, then we need to do something about this right now!

So… what’s chili without meat? 

Can you say AMAZING?

This VEGETARIAN CHILI may scootch its way up your list of ALL-TIME FAVORITE recipes… and if you’re like me you won’t even miss the meat!

2. close-up_vegetarian_chili_prep

Like anything else, a good batch of chili starts with the right foundation.

Think SOFRITO, the base of many Latin dishes: sauteed onions, garlic and peppers… but add carrots to this pot of deliciousness.

3. all-clad_chili_sofrito

Speaking of pots, I’ve been making chili for 25 years and this is my favorite stock pot because it has an extra layer of thickness so everything cooks evenly and I never have to scrape burnt chili from the bottom.

LIFETIME INVESTMENT. I own two since I usually make two batches at the same time– one with meat and this one without!

4. ancho_chili_powder

Whenever possible I go for the most natural form of any ingredient. In this case, the ancho chili powder I like to use is organic.

5. ground_cumin_powder

As for the organic cumin, I buy it in bulk because I use it all the time!

6. whole_cumin_seeds

I didn’t make this a part of the recipe in order to keep things simple. But if I have them around, sometimes I’ll substitute half the amount of ground cumin with whole cumin seeds.

7. spices_in_chili_pot

When all the spices are added into your pot of sauteed veggies… that’s when the magic starts to happen. Everyone in the house stops in the kitchen just to see what’s cooking!

8. tomato_cans_chili

And now we go from EASY to EASIER.

Add the cans of tomatoes.

9. pinto_and_cannellini_ beans for chili

The pinto and cannellini beans

10. black_beans_cannellini_pinto_beans

And finally the black beans

Isn’t this BEAUTIFUL???

11. simmering_chili

It’s finally time to let this baby simmer…

12. fresh_scallions_cilantro

And work on chopping up your fresh toppings!


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