white chicken chili

white chicken chili

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This is not what I would call an authentic chili recipe. It’s more of a Tex-Mex concoction that melts in your mouth like it’s heaven. Why? Because anything with cream cheese will do that.

In the past, the meat lover in me would have never stood for chili that wasn’t loaded with beef and sausage. And to replace the meat with chicken would have just been absurd, or so I thought. It wasn’t for me… that is, until I ran across a completely different kind of chicken chili recipe and started playing around with the ingredients until it became PERFECTION.

This super cozy, creamy, smoky and slightly spicy chili has become one of my favorite fall and winter dishes of all time!

It could be because, let’s be honest, it really isn’t completely meatless. It’s loaded with slices of bacon that give it a smoky flavor.

bacon food processor for white chili recipe

The secret to putting bacon in this chili is to disguise its texture and spread the taste around by pulsing it in the food processor until it becomes a thick chunky cream. 

Follow that up by chopping garlic, onion and jalapeño peppers in the food processor as well.

sofrito with bacon for white chicken chili recipe

Then begin to build up the chili by starting with a sofrito. Basically that just means  sautéing the veggies, except in this case with the bacon. This becomes the base of the soup.

spices with sofrito

When it’s nice and translucent, you can begin to add the spices, cumin and ancho chili powder. Then you add the broth and tomatoes.

Next up, cook the chicken. You can either add it to the pot in chunks, remove it once it's cooked and shred it. Or you can sauté it in butter in a separate pan, shred and add it to the pot.

After the shredded chicken is in, everything can be tied together by adding the cream cheese and beans. 

white chicken chili topped with sour cream, cheese, cilantro

Of course the toppings are your personal choice… but I’m here to tell you that this white chili is best with scallions, cilantro, cheese, peppers and sour cream. Sometimes I like to add an avocado and tortilla chips.

And if carbs aren’t an issue, I also suggest crusty sourdough bread!


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Judy Nix on

Hi Marianne, Can’t wait to try this! Sure looks good. Think you may have posted it before, and if so, I likely intended to make it then. Let’s hope my intentions to cook work out better this time around!👏👏. Judy

Beth Reynolds on

This is definitely a keeper!! Thank you!!

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