beef bone broth (slow cooker)

beef bone broth (slow cooker)

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Let’s face it. Bone broth is not just delicious, savory and soothing, it’s also loaded with health benefits. It’s extraordinarily rich in proteins and a good source of minerals, too. The key is to cook it for a long time, at least 24 hours. The slow cooking process allows for the release of nutrients from the bones. Roasting the bones and vegetables beforehand adds even more flavor. You can sip the broth on its own, or use it as a cooking liquid for rice, legumes or sauces.

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Sherry Ligeski on

I’m thinking this would make a great base for vegetable soup. Have you tried that or is it too rich?

Ron on

Question: Do you take the meat off bones after roasting and just place bones in slow cooker? Thank You

Vanilla Buckner on

😋😋😋😋It turn out 😋. Thanks for sharing 🙂.

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