broccoli soup - creamy and healthy!

broccoli soup - creamy and healthy!

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This might be the best soup I've made. It's got great texture, aroma, simple ingredients and it's packed with nutrients! I love to freeze half of it only to find a perfect mid-week surprise that I only have to thaw out.

sofrito for broccoli soup

As with anything that's good, this recipe starts with a garlic, onion and celery sofrito.

broccoli floret

The star of this soup has to be your broccoli florets. I prefer to use organically grown.

fresh herbs

If you grow your own herbs that's ideal! There's nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh oregano and thyme.

broccoli sofrito

At this point you're going to want to serve the broccoli on a plate and eat it! But hold on, the soup's not ready yet.

broth added to broccoli for soup

Now it's time to add the broth. Homemade broth is best, but any broth will do. When your mixture is ready it's time to place in the blender and puree.

cream pouring into broccoli soup

All that's left is the most luxurious part of this recipe-- adding the cream. Heavy cream will taste best of course, but you can also use half and half.

broccoli soup with crusty sourdough bread

Serve with plain crusty bread or topped with parmesan cheese. Leftovers are good in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 4 days . You may freeze for up to 4 months.


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mark on

This is so last year!
Just kidding can’t wait to try it!
Happy New Year!

Valene on

Delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe….

Martha S Rubin on

Hi Marianne,
This sounds so delicious! It’s cold outside, so I am going to make a batch today :)
Thanks for the recipe and good idea

Mariana L on

Looks so delicious and healthy that i’m ready to go to the market
and get ready to make it! Thank you.

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