cafe cubano

cafe cubano

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To make Cuban coffee, or cafe, or cafecito, get yourself an inexpensive stovetop device that produces the coffee by passing boiling water, pressurized by steam, through the grounds. You might know it as a Moka pot, but any Cuban will tell you it’s a Cuban cafetera. It goes for around $20 and in Miami you can pick up an off-brand one at any grocery or drugstore for about $10. They come in three sizes - 3, 6 and 9 cup. I like using the smallest size because it makes 3 shots of coffee and who needs more than that in one serving?

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Donna C on

Thank you for the recipe. I am printing it to place next to my pot. Beautiful site by the way.

James Krick on

Retired guy appreciating new things to learn and taste.
Thank You

CAthy PAriser on

I’ve always wanted to know how to make the “perfect” cuban coffee!!! Thank u!

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