classic cuban sandwich

classic cuban sandwich

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Legend has it that the Cuban Sandwich originated when the Spaniards arrived in Cuba and introduced pork and ham to the diet of the natives. But it wasn’t until the mid 1800s that the sandwich first emerged in Key West, as the Cuban tobacco industry came to Florida and moved north to Tampa. Cuban immigrants who worked in factories yearned for a quick affordable lunch, and thus the Cuban sandwich was born. Better known as a Cubano, nothing else comes close to this crusty combo of roast pork, ham and cheese with tangy mustard and pickles. And yes, that’s two pigs in one sandwich! The key to getting it perfect is in the careful layering.

In Miami, just about any Cuban restaurant or Cuban coffee stand sticks it in a "plancha" - which is basically a panini maker that heats and squishes the sandwich flat.

Of course the Cubano is always better when served with freshly made plantain chips! 

It's also a perfect sandwich to cut up into smaller pieces and serve as sliders!


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