it's cozy time, starring... slow cook beef short ribs!

it's cozy time, starring... slow cook beef short ribs!

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1. short_ribs_slow_cooker

Fall has arrived.

Time for full acceptance that the weather has changed for real and we’re 100% into cozy mode, which for me translates to comfort food.

And by comfort food I mean these slow cooked beef short ribs.

10. short_ribs_over_caulifloer_mashed_potatoes

They’re SO EASY!

And they start with a quick stop at your cast iron skillet

Have I told you lately that my cast iron skillet permanently lives on my stovetop, I use it so much? 

2. beef_short_ribs_uncooked_unseasoned_cast_iron_skillet

This is the secret behind the slightly charred taste of the short ribs even after they’ve been in a slow cooker for hours. 

3. short_ribs_cast_iron_skillet_salt_pepper

Grilling them first, using only simple seasonings. Just salt ‘n peppa!

4. short_ribs_cast_iron_skillet_turned

Using metal tongs, turn them over once.

5. short_ribs_cast_iron_skillet_grilled

I’m not going to lie.

After a few minutes you’re going to want to eat these straight from the skillet, they smell so good. But don’t. They’re not ready yet. 

Patience is a virtue.

6. short_ribs_inside_slow_cooker

Place garlic, onion and all liquid ingredients-  Tamari sauce, (I like using low sodium, gluten-free Tamari) balsamic vinegarbeef broth and apple cider vinegar – in the slow cooker

7. short_ribs_slow_cooker_uncooked

Add the meat you almost just ate.

8. rosemary_sprigs_short_ribs_slow_cooker

And if it was tempting before, wait till you smell the fresh rosemary sprigs.

Seriously, you will literally have to leave your house to avoid temptation while this cooks. No really, go do something else for a bunch of hours. 

Take a leap of faith and wait for the magic to happen. 

9. cooked_short_ribs_plated

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

10. short_ribs_over_caulifloer_mashed_potatoes

You can dish this hunk of deliciousness on a super cute bowl or plate  and you’ll feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant. Be sure to serve over regular mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower or anything else that soaks up the juicy gravy. Optional- the choice is yours.


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