loaded sweet potatoes with guac and eggs

loaded sweet potatoes with guac and eggs

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Here's a great and super satisfying way to take a break from meat, chicken, pork and fish. These loaded sweet potatoes make for a simple and delicious vegetarian dinner.

baked sweet potato

So easy to make, it's a matter of baking your sweet potatoes till they're perfect for scooping out.

parmesan cheese and grater

It's always best to sprinkle some fresh grated parmesan cheese on the potatoes for an extra flavorful layer of YUM.

avocados cut in half seed 

The perfect guacamole calls for the perfect avocados. I always keep several in a bowl in different stages of ripeness. Just in case any of them are bruised on the inside, I always have a backup. Mash up the avocado and mix it with finely chopped red onions and a pinch of salt.

fried eggs

There's an art to making eggs like these! The oil has to be hot and you need to work quickly. These eggs are done before you know it. You definitely don't want to overcook the yolk because you want it to run all over the sweet potato when you slice through the egg.

chopped leek

To top things off, you'll want to add crispy leeks. Chop them up small and place them in a pan with some olive oil spray, a little salt and set the heat on low. With these you need to be patient and watch them closely so they don't burn.


My favorite topping just might be crispy/crunchy garlic. Chop up an entire head of garlic and place the pieces on a plate and stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until they become beautiful crunchy and golden. 

Assemble this way: guacamole over the parmesan topped sweet potatoes. Next, place one fried egg on each half. Add the crispy leek and finally the crunchy garlic pieces. Top the whole thing off with a dash of salt and red pepper flakes.




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Mary Sperry on

Please clarify: recipe is written with 2 sweet potatoes which are cut in half and 2 eggs. The recipe is for two. Is each serving half a potato and one egg or two halves and 2 eggs plus other fixings?

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