the ultimate, easy meatballs

the ultimate, easy meatballs

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Albondigas. Spanish for meatballs, a staple in my house. It's become my “go to” food item. I'm not talking about the very familiar image of meatballs served with tomato sauce over spaghetti. That's a recipe for another day! I'm talking about these round balls of delicious flavor that go well with just about anything. I can make them a couple of days ahead and keep them in the fridge or freeze them for future use. I love their versatility. They’re easy to sear in oil, saute in a pan, grill, bake, simmer in a sauce, or drop into a soup. Sometimes I just put them on a stick and dip them in a tasty sauce.

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Donna Mueller on

Hi Marianne
Can you substitute ground turkey for the beef?

Jane Ryan on

Thank you for the Ultimate Easy Meatball recipe! It sounds so tasty with the different spices & herbs. In addition, it is so easy & simple to make! I do plan on making it soon.

Diane on

Can’t wait to try these. They look great. And on a salad sounds even better. Thanks!

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