vegan split pea soup

vegan split pea soup

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If you're feeling cozy and want a super tasty vegan soup that's no hassle to make you've come to the right place!

This recipe minimizes the time you'll have to be in the kitchen chopping ingredients and maximizes the flavor of this delicious soup.

Like anything else that's good, this recipe starts with some high quality olive oil in your pot.

And like anything that's really tasty, it start with creating your own sofrito, which  basically starts with  sautéed onions and garlic.

culantro plant

The next ingredient comes from this plant. It's called culantro. Everyone confuses this with cilantro, which it is not. This is one of those "secret" ingredients Cubans use in black bean recipes. If you can't find it in the store, no worries, just skip it. But it does add a delicious taste to this soup. I actually brought this culantro plant to Chicago from my mom's garden in Miami!

One leaf will do the trick... chopped up like this.split peas washed

I thoroughly rinse my split peas in a separate bowl before throwing them in my pot of soup.  I want to make sure they're as clean as possible.

split pea soup

Then it's just a matter of stirring this baby every half hour or so.... and making sure it's as liquid as you like it. Sometimes it makes sense to add a little more water, depending on the thickness you like.

split pea soup with bread

Of course there's nothing like dipping into your soup some crusty bread baked with olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese.




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Hank Pielach on

No nutritional information on the split pea soup or other recipes????

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