world famous corn casserole!

world famous corn casserole!

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Over the years on various television and radio shows, my husband Bob Sirott and I have talked about this recipe. Each time, the response from viewers and listeners has been overwhelming.

We've prepared this dish in front of the cameras countless times to show how ridiculously easy it is to make. Bob says it's a perfect appetizer, side dish or dessert!

My favorite container for cooking it is a cast iron skillet, as it tends to end up a little crispier around the edges. 

But any casserole dish will do. I also love high quality ceramics, such as this Emily Henry square casserole dish, because it cooks evenly.

Plus it doesn't stick!

You can even turn them into individual servings by cooking them in ramekin bowls. But no matter what you use to bake it in, this corn casserole will absolutely melt in your mouth. I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't call this the healthiest dish in the world, but it's a great splurge.

Beware making this as a holiday side and taking it over someone's house. You will be asked over and over again to bring that World Famous Corn Casserole!





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Cheryl on

When doubling, how long would you suggest in crock pot?

Jeanette on

Thank you for the recipe, I will be adding this delicious dish to our holiday menu!

Joan Warlin on

Can this be prepared and reheated for traveling for Thanksgiving

Dee on

I saw the message about modification to make it gluten free. Find a box of gluten free corn bread mix. I shop at Woodman’s and they have several options. The rest of the items do not contain gluten.

Faith Batt on

Hi Marianne! Greetings from Florida…I’m making your delicious recipe again! I substitute a few things to make it Parve & Kosher so that it can be eaten with meat, in this case chilli ;-) I use parve almond milk, smart balance margarine, Fleishman’s cornbread mix, and instead of sour cream I use Tofutti sour cream, all parve, it’s still very yummy!

Robin on

This side dish has been served at every Thanksgiving dinner in my family for years. We add cheddar cheese on top during the last 5 minutes of baking. Family tradition!

Nana on

Just heard you talking about this on the radio yesterday. Definitely going to make it for Thanksgiving. Sounds delicious! Thank you!

Katy on

Heard you talk about this today—all the way out here in Utah! We will try it for Thanksgiving. Best to you and yours for the holidays!

Trisha on

How to modify to make gluten free🙏

Diane Woronecki on

what size is the corn muffin mix??

Cyndi M on

Have made this wonderful dish for years and hv always used the regular size cans of creamed and kernel corn and has always turned out great!

Donna on

Ever since my mom heard you talking about this on the radio, it has become a holiday staple for our family!

Donna on

If you’re using Jiffy mix, be aware that there is LARD in the recipe. A “vegetarian” version is available without it.

Dee Wunderlich on

This sounds awesome with all of my favorite ingredients.. Thanks for sharing.

Jaci on

My grandma brought this to every Thanksgiving, and passed this same recipe to me. I have added green chilis or jalepenos, and either with or without the peppers it is always a hit. Love to use my cast iron corn molds and put the seperate cornbreads in a basket with other dinner rolls at Thanksgiving Dinner…Enjoy!

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