wild alaskan cod with peach & pineapple chili sauce

wild alaskan cod with peach & pineapple chili sauce

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This bright sweet and slightly hot sauce has late summer and early fall written all over it, just the time when peaches are at their peak! Add some perfectly sweet pineapple and there's no need to sweeten this with added sugar.

peach pineapple chili sauce ingredients

Most of what you'll need you probably already have in the house. Then it's a matter of putting it all in the blender and warming it up before serving.

peach pineapple chili sauce

It's so easy to make that you're going to use this same sauce on other seafood, including a variety of fish, shrimp and scallops, and even chicken!



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Vanilla Buckner on

I did it and it was 😋😋😋😋. Thanks ☺️.

M Larrazabal on

I can be eating this dish every day of my life!

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