baked wild-caught alaskan cod

baked wild-caught alaskan cod

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1. close-up_cod_sesame_seeds
If you haven’t cooked up a scrumptious piece of this melt-in-your-mouth fish, wild-caught Alaskan cod, do we even have anything in common???

2. alaskan_wild_caught_cod_butter_pats

I bought a couple of pieces of cod on impulse because they were fresh, wild caught and from Alaska! I decided to make it simple by throwing them into a baking dish with a few ingredients I had in my kitchen, like butter.

Why? Because everything is better with butter, don’t you agree? 

I love using the grass fed organic kind or better yet, grass fed ghee, a clarified butter treat I always keep in the kitchen.  

3. sesame_seeds_bottle

You can literally go in so many different directions with this fluffy white fish. A hint of Asian style is always in the cards for me. Which is why I immediately grabbed the jar of sesame seeds!
4. raw_fish_sesame_seeds

You don’t have to go overboard with the seeds like I did, I practically breaded the filets…  but I just can’t get enough of that crunchy, nutty taste. 

Anytime there’s a need for soy sauce I substitute with the way more healthy option, tamari sauce. It’s gluten free, low sodium and in my opinion tastier than plain soy sauce.

5. alaskan_ cod_fillet_oven

Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes on broil. I love making my oven-cooked fish on that 500-degree broil option whenever possible because it gets golden crispy on top and stays tender and not over cooked on the inside. So easy… but you’ve gotta keep an eye on it so it doesn’t char!

6. bite_size_alaskan)cod

Take a look at the flakiness, the juiciness of this sweet white fish.

Every bite is healthy and ridiculously tasty.

Where have you been all my life? 


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Jane Ryan on

Haven’t tried this recipe yet but sounds so good and easy! Thank you for Savvy Planet!

Victoria Corderi-Keane on

absolutely delicious and easy….will join the rotation of favorites!

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