crispy buttery tofu

crispy buttery tofu

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I’m cooking at home more than ever. Sometimes it’s difficult to get creative but I’m doing my best to have variety, since I tend to keep repeating the same popular dishes around here. 

“What’s it gonna be tonight?,” is the daily question. Meat, chicken, pork, fish, a vegetarian dish perhaps?

All I can think about is how my refrigerator and pantry are exploding with STUFF… so we don’t have to keep going to the store.  

2. tofu_crispy_ingredients_ginger_sesame_oil_tamari_rice_vinegar

That STUFF is what I used to make an OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD tofu dish!

By the way, if you don’t own a microplane grater get one immediately! You will soon discover so many uses for it!

3. tamari_rice_vinegar_sauce

Before you start cooking up the tofu, you’ll need to create a sauce, which involves combining rice vinegar, tamari sauce, maple syrup, red pepper flakes and if you love heat, chili garlic sauce

4. microplane_grater_ginger_tofu_sauce

 You can see why the best way to get ginger in this sauce is to use the microplane grater. It helps the ginger dissolve into the sauce. At this point you can add the sliced scallions, which I love to sliver diagonally.

5. tofu_cast_iron_skillet_butter

As you can clearly see here, I doubled the recipe.

Now that your sauce is made it’s time to cook the firm organic tofu in the organic butter.

Why butter, you ask?

Because EVERYTHING is better with butter!

6. tofu_cast_iron_skillet_cooking

After your tofu turns golden brown and crispy on one side, turn the pieces over and start to add some of your sauce.

7. crispier_tofu

Keep turning those babies until they’re crispy on all sides. 

8. crispy_tofu_over_salad

You can save some of the sauce to drizzle over the tofu when you serve it or you can keep adding it to the pan until it forms a reduction and the tofu pieces absorb all the flavors.

9. tofu_over_salad_broccoli

I like to serve it over salad next to vegetables (broccolini) for the ultimate healthy dinner, but you can also serve it over rice, cauliflower rice or anything else!

10. crispy_buttery_tofu_over_salad


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Martha S Rubin on

hi Marianne, this sounds delicious! can’t wait to try it

David Tenenbaum on

Great recipe! You won’t get cancer or heart disease eating this delicious recipe. May I suggest as an experiment? Swap out cholesterol rich butter with Miyoko’s cholesterol free European Vegan Butter available at Whole Foods and Target? See if you can tell the difference. If not, you will be making your outstanding dish even healthier and just as delicious.

Barbara Callahan on

Can’t wait to try this. But i need to get to my market’s Asian isle lol

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