cuban turkey grilled with mojo

cuban turkey grilled with mojo

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Ready for a fun twist on a traditional meal?

It’s Cuban turkey grilled with mojo and I promise- once you taste this delicious creation, you won’t go back to your old ways!

We’ve been making it for years, even when it’s NOT Thanksgiving… 

And now we’ve updated the recipe!

Seriously… who knew a GREAT thing could become even better!

2. cuban_turkey_bed_onions_citrus_oranges_onion_all-clad

This turkey recipe is so easy you won’t believe it. 

It’s our Thanksgiving Day tradition!

Begin by creating a bed of citrusy HEAVEN – sliced limes, oranges and onions –  in a heavy-duty roasting pan like this one. (Remove the roasting rack- you want the turkey absorbing all the layers of onion and citrus flavors.)

3. cuban_turkey_recipe_onion_stuffed_all-clad_food_prep

Cut one of the onions into quarters and stuff it into the turkey cavity. I always call for organic onions because I can taste the sharp difference.

4. cuban_turkey_string_food_prep_

It’s not absolutely necessary to use string or twine to hold the turkey together, but I like to because when it’s cooked it looks so much better! 

You can buy the twine alone or even a kit to help you string and baste.

5. cuban_turkey_himalayan_pink_salt_sprinkled_food_prep_thanksgiving

Then you salt. My favorite salt is pink Himalayan. I use this so much I buy it in bulk and refill my shaker.

6. cuban_turkey_minced_garlic_food_prepe

Then comes the good stuff that’s going to make your house smell so good.

GARLIC GALORE! You will spread as much or as little garlic as you want covering every inch of your turkey! 

I use this organic garlic.

7. cuban_turkey_butter_pats_food_prep_thanksgiving

Slice up your stick of butter into 12 pats and lay them over the garlic.  I use organic salted butter.

8. cuban_turkey_olive_oil_food_prep_thanksgiving

And then drizzle olive oil over your whole creation. 

This will keep the foil from sticking to the turkey plus your high quality extra virgin olive oil will put the final touches on this amazing flavor!

9. cuban_turkey_tent_aluminum_foil_food_prep_thanksgiving_grill

Next you will build a tent around the roasting pan by using two pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil on each half of the pan, creating a tent that can be opened at the center.

10. cuban_turkey_grill_covered_food_prep

Place this baby on the grill!

11. bob_sirott_citrus_bowl_turkey_basting_cuban_thanksgiving_food_prep

And then the real work begins! 

Here’s my husband, Bob, ready to take over for the next few hours.

The job: opening up the aluminum foil tent and squeezing fresh orange and lime juice over the turkey every 45 minutes or so!

12. cuban_turkey_closeup_basting_food_prep_thanksgiving

I’m just going to say he’s VERY GOOD at this job! Especially when it’s cold and I don’t want to step foot outside!

13. bob_sirott_spritzing_cuban_turkey_barbecue_grill

I love that he spritzes with a smile on his face! LOL!

Of course for extra flavor every time you open up the tent you can use a turkey baster to drench the mojo in the bottom of the pan over the turkey.

14. turkey_grill_cuban_cooked_food_prep

Other turkey accessories you might want to consider:

You don’t have to spend much on a digital meat thermometer. I use this inexpensive one. If you prefer you can get the waterproof version of it.

Use turkey lifter forks to place the fully cooked turkey onto a carving block.

I love this bamboo carving board because it’s large and inexpensive. But you can go all out and get a reversible cutting board with juice grooves if you prefer.

After all that work you want your turkey sliced beautifully, and I can only do that with an electric carving knife. There are so many choices out there but this is the one I’ve been using for years. 

Wishing you and yours a tremendous meal!

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Cynthia on

Hi, there! The grilled turkey looks delicious, but have you ever tried this recipe cooked in the oven? Would it work, or would it lose much flavor?

hilda wollschlaeger on

where do you find himalaynsalt ? could i use a roasting chicken?? listen to bob every day .i listen to WGN since 1953, heard them all…where does bob get his medatation music or where could i find the CDs thanks for all the info.bless all of you. Hilda

Karen Dawson. on

I am a long time fan of you, and Bob. We recently moved to Florida to retire after living in Chicago all our lives. I made the corn casserole for Florida relatives and they asked me to share the recipe. Now for Christmas, I want to cook the Cuban Turkey. Thanks for making me enjoy Chicago via your recipes! ❤️ Karen Dawson

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