elvis cuban style birthday sandwich

elvis cuban style birthday sandwich

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What's the next big holiday after Christmas and New Year? Nope, not Valentine's Day. It's Elvis’ birthday!

The King of Rock and Roll would have turned 86 on January 8th. Check him out right here with Bob Sirott (LOL!)

What better way to celebrate than to recreate his famous favorite sandwich? Even better... a Cuban version of it!

platano maduro maduros plantain

Instead of using regular bananas (the one pictured on the bottom) to make the sandwich the way Elvis loved it, I used sweet plantains (pictured above the banana) that are good for frying. They're called maduros.

You don't have to actually make the maduros. That's another recipe for another day! You can buy them frozen at most grocery stores.

Take this as far as you want to. Here's the same sandwich made on Cuban bread.

Or go ahead and stick to the classic on white bread. Check out this grilled peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich. It's a BIG HUNK O’ LOVE!


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Vanilla Buckner on

Yep that was his sandwich alright, they say his maid made it for him 🙂. I always wish him and my auntie a HAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!☺️. She is deceased as well 😞.

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