pan-seared tuna with avocado & cilantro ginger sauce

pan-seared tuna with avocado & cilantro ginger sauce

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I absolutely love it when the stars and planets align and I create a SIMPLE home-cooked meal that looks and tastes BETTER than one at a restaurant!

1. marianne_murciano_tuna_avocado
By that I mean this pan seared tuna topped with avocado in a cilantro ginger sauce. 
2. pan-seared_tuna_soy_giner_avocado

Honestly, I already feel HEALTHIER just looking at this picture!

And can you spell E.A.S.Y.???

All you need is a handful of fresh ingredients.

3. raw_tuna_steak

For starters, keep an eye out for fresh wild caught tuna steaks.

They seem to go on sale frequently at the local supermarkets.

4. jalapeno_peppers_cut

I’m not going to lie.

This RIGHT HERE has to be my favorite of all the ingredients.

Jalapeño peppers!

5. garlic_microplane

If you’re cutting corners you can always use the powdered versions of garlic and ginger to flavor this sauce. 

But you’ll thank me later if you use a microplane for the fresh garlic and ginger. 

There will literally be an EXPLOSION of flavor inside your mouth when you taste the sauce.

6. orange_mixing_bowl_soy_ginger

Mix the garlic and ginger with organic gluten-free tamari sauce, a little Bragg organic apple cider vinegar, the jalapeño peppers and cilantro and well…

you’d better try to stop yourself from repeated tastings because you’re going to pour it over your fish in a moment. 

Calmly set it aside.

7. tuna_steak_seared

The secret to tender tuna steaks is not to cook them too much.

Sear them on each side. 

8. tuna_steak_seared_second_side

Best way to do that is over high heat on a cast-iron skillet, my favorite kitchen item! 

Keep an eye on the tuna because it will cook very quickly.

9. tuna_steak_skillet_sauce

While the steak is cooking chop up some avocado.

When the tuna is just about ready spoon up the heavenly mixture you just created and pour it on the steak, still on the skillet.

Then all you need to do is pile on the avocado and DEVOUR your awesome creation!



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Donna Kowatch on

The recipe sounds great. Any other substitute for the tuna? I like the idea iof using a microplane for.the garlic…easier than chopping.

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