pasta carbonara with kale pesto

pasta carbonara with kale pesto

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This is my go to recipe when I haven't planned ahead since I usually have most of these ingredients handy.

Secrets to this recipe: the greenest dark leafed kale you can find, fresh walnuts, fresh grated cheese and high quality pasta.  Notice how thick the noodles look? It's so yummy when it's al dente, like this one.

Of course this recipe works with whatever you have in your pantry, but if you want it to be extra special try the imported Italian pasta. I usually serve it in smaller bowls because it's really filling, plus I love coming back for seconds!


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Mariana Larrazabal on

How delicias! Looks divine! Thank you

James Krick on

My wife loves the walnuts…
I promised no burping. 😋

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