sweet potato shepherd's pie

sweet potato shepherd's pie

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It may be a traditional UK dish, but shepherd’s pie never tasted more delicious than when we created a Latin version of it. And it's slightly healthier too!



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Lynne on

Will you repost the recipe and include the sweet potato instructions?

Rob Clodfelter on

Hi Marianne. Looks like a great recipe, but I don’t see the list of ingredients for the sweet potato mix, just the instructions on how to make it.

Linda on

I’m not seeing sweet potatoes in the ingredient list.

Sharon Keland on

Sounds really good! Probably a dumb question but, what size can of tomato paste? Thank you!!

Ellen Kieffer on

The recipe sounds good, but it is missing the amounts for the maple syrup, butter, whipping cream for the sweet potato mixture. Can this information be added?

Pat Mueller on

Believe the recipe is missing the amount of ingredients for the sweet potato mixture – potatoes, maple syrup, whipping cream.

Sharon L Mistele on

Sounds delicious. About how many Sweet Potatoes should I buy?

Peggy on

Some of the recipe is missing? Piccadilo? Amount of cream? Maple syrup?

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