tangy haitian salad

tangy haitian salad

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What I love most about this tangy, sweet, bitter, and garlicky salad is the drama of all the color! Okay, I admit the plate screams, "look at me" too!

The explosion of color is not the only wonderful part of this salad. It's what will happen inside your mouth once you taste it.

I came up with this recipe in Miami after sampling a similar salad at a Haitian restaurant that has since closed. It was before I had a smart phone so I wrote down the ingredients...

arugula lettuce, bell peppers, red onions, avocado, pineapple, raw garlic, to name a few. If mango is in season that goes in there too!

I've gotta say this is a pretty perfect party food, too. It's great for entertaining and for making your table look beautiful.  


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