tzatziki sauce

tzatziki sauce

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This creamy Greek yogurt sauce is a refreshing taste of perfection. It's versatile and can be served with warm bread and sliced vegetables, or you can use it as a dipping sauce for meatballs, lamb chops, chicken souvlaki or shawarma. It's also a great topping for baked potatoes, and you can even use it as a spread!

I love the healthy ingredients that go into a homemade tzatziki sauce! They are foods I normally keep in my kitchen anyway. One secret to a scrumptious tzatziki sauce is to use full fat Greek yogurt. As for the dill, this year I decided to get a plant, rather than a bunch- a gift that keeps on giving all summer long!

english peeled cucumber tzatziki

The best type of cucumber to use is the English cucumber. It's sweeter than the more common cucumber, which has many large seeds and has a slightly bitter flavor. The thinner skin makes it easier to peel with a typical vegetable peeler.

For grating the cucumbers I've experimented with a food processor like my old reliable Cuisinart, which slices them to perfection, but when I'm making a small quantity and not in the mood to make a huge mess, I prefer to use a simple box grater to shred the cucumber into fine pieces. 

Once you have all the ingredients ready it's just a matter of mixing them in a bowl tasting while adding the salt and pepper.




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Victoria Ciofani on

Oh just what is needed on this hot muggy day!! So refreshing and delicious with veggies and I even used it on my chicken!! Thank you!!!!

Jan Farrell Repath on

Your sauce is so nutritious & delicious that I enjoy it as a dip for fresh veggies! Thank so much for sharing your recipe.

JIm KRick on

Glad Bob survived his root canal…
To enjoy all of your terrific recipes.

Colette on

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your recipes. I also enjoy watching your shows with Bob on Facebook and I listen to Bob every morning on WGN. You both make my day.

david tenenbaum on

Great timing for those who planted cucumbers. Easy to make this recipe vegan. So many plant based yogurts to choose from and they all have fiber which make them easier to digest than dairy. Also you won’t find any cholesterol, hormones or steroids in plant based yogurt. Almond, cashew, soy and coconut are just some of the delicious options available in yogurts, some even feature Greek style. Thank you!

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