watermelon mojito

watermelon mojito

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I recently learned how to choose a ripe watermelon. Here’s how you do it. Turn it upside down and look for the yellow spot on the bottom, where it rested on the ground. It should be creamy in color. You can also knock on it and it should sound hollow inside. But the best way to tell if you have the perfect watermelon is by holding it. The denser it feels, the juicier it is. There are many ways to eat this delicious fruit. But on a hot summer night, when friends gather, nothing beats this quick and easy recipe that you can make in advance and just blend in a glass when your guests arrive. A tasty Cuban cocktail- watermelon mojito!

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Mark on

Hi Marianne, I heard you mention an investment training course you are taking. I have been looking at doing that too Any recommendations? Thanks Mark in Romeoville

Mary Messina on

Sounds yummy. Will be trying this.

Tessie on

Love this!
Have to try it!!!

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