red grapefruit salad dressing

red grapefruit salad dressing

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We're smack in the middle of grapefruit season and I'm loving every minute of it! Although they're available year round, the best grapefruit... the sweetest, are in peak season starting around Christmas time and continuing through the spring. 

What's the difference between each variety of grapefruit, you ask? The white and pink colored ones are tart. The red grapefruits are typically mild and sweet tasting.  

I absolutely love to combine the tangy sweet flavor of the ruby red grapefruit with avocado in a salad.

Or even make a whole meal out of the citrus by tossing it with shrimp or any other protein.

But my favorite thing to do with red grapefruit is to bottle up the juice and create  salad dressing.

This recipe is so easy to make you're going to want to always have some ready to use in the fridge.



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BEtty MIller on

Will make the grapefruit dressing soon! Love red grapefruit………thank you Marianne!!

Joanie on

Avocado & Citrus is so creamy and YUMO!
It’s my new favorite and so refreshing in WINTER!
Thank you for the idea of using grapefruit! ( I always used Oranges)

Stacy Robinson on

What a great idea for salad dressing! Sounds delicious.

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