ultimate fried egg & chicken breakfast taco not necessarily for breakfast!

ultimate fried egg & chicken breakfast taco not necessarily for breakfast!

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Let me introduce you to this anytime favorite meal of mine. 

It’s full of protein, crunchy peppery goodness and, among other goodies, topped with a fried egg.

Why? Because I think we can agree that everything is better with a fried egg on top!

2. ground_chicken_taco_tortilla

Warning-- you must eat this over a plate if you prepare the taco with a runny yolk,  as I like to do.

3. ground_chicken_taco_tortilla_egg

This meal is a no-brainer and so versatile. You can literally add anything to it.

I LOVE how easy it is to prepare and it checks off all the boxes of my favorite foods on the planet!

4. sauteed_vegetables_sofrito_taco

I start off with sauteed white onionbell peppersjalapeno pepper and minced garlic in extra-virgin olive oil, just like the traditional Cuban sofrito I grew up with. (Minus the jalapeno!)

5. sauteed_ground_chicken_taco

Then add the ground chicken breast. This is definitely one way to make the white meat tasty! 

6. salsa_fresca_ground_chicken_taco

Add salsa fresca and some delish spices: organic ground cuminorganic ground corianderancho chili powderHimalayan pink salt and organic ground pepper.

7. ground_chicken_taco_meat_cooking

A little bit of tomato paste thickens it up, and of course, nothing is anything without limes and cilantro leaves!

8. tortilla_shell_soft_taco_ground_chicken

Then finally, place it all on a warm tortilla shell.  

Just talking about this is making my mouth water right now!

9. ground_chicken_taco_hand_held

Of course, the fried egg could be optional, but why miss out on the best part of this taco? Seriously, you won’t regret it! 



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James K. on

Best ever… Including the egg dripping
down my chin.

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